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CategoryPower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters => Bridge Rectifiers
DescriptionTechnical Specifications of Single-phase Silicon Bridge Rectifier
CompanyDC Components Co.
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72T51236 : Flow-Control Management. 4Q X36 512K Multi-Queue, 2.5V. 2.5V MULTI-QUEUE FLOW-CONTROL DEVICES (32 QUEUES) 36 BIT WIDE CONFIGURATION 1,179,648 bits 2,359,296 bits Choose from among the following memory density options: IDT72T51546 Total Available Memory = 1,179,648 bits IDT72T51556 Total Available Memory = 2,359,296 bits Configurable from to 32 Queues may be configured at master reset from the pool of Total.

CM5008 : High Current Silicon Bridge Rectifier ( Voltage 50 to 1000 Volts Current - 50 Ampere ).

ISL6561 : Desktop. Multi-phase PWM Controller With Precision Rds, on or DCR Current Sensing.

LP2986 : Positive Voltage->Adjustable. LP2986 - Micropower, 200 ma Ultra Low-dropout Fixed or Adjustable Voltage Regulator, Package: Llp, Pin Nb=8.

LTC1503-1.8 : Inductorless DC/DC Converters->100mA Max Output Cu. LTC1503-1.8, 100mA High Efficiency Inductorless Step-down DC/DC Converter.

OM7581SC : Hi-rel Adjustable 1.8V-5.5V 10.0A Linear Regulator in a C-6 Package. Ultra Low Dropout, 10A Adjustable Positive Linear Regulator Thru-Hole (C6) The a 10A, ultra low dropout, adjustable linear regulator specifically designed for low voltage, high current applications. Housed in a hermetic package, the dropout of this device 660mV at full load and as low 100mV at light loads. The low dropout is achieved by an additional.

TDA21106 : High Speed Driver With Bootstrapping For Dual Power MOSFETsfast Rise And Fall Times For Frequencies up to 2 MHz Capable of Sinking More Than 4A Peak Currents For Lowest Switching Losses Charges High Side MOSFET Gate Drive Voltage From 6 to 12V According to PVCCsetting; Low Side MOSFET at 12 V. Adjustable High Side MOSFET Gate Drive Voltage Via PVCC.

TPS3800G27 : . applications SC-70 (SOT-323) Package D Supply Current 9 A (Typ) D Power-On Reset Generator With Fixed Delay Time 400 ms Precision Supply Voltage Monitor 5 V, and Adjustable Manual Reset Input (Except TPS380101) Temperature Range. to 85C or Microprocessors Wireless Communication Systems Portable/Battery-Powered Equipment Programmable Controls Intelligent.

TPS75325 : . TPS75125Q, TPS75133Q WITH POWER GOOD TPS75325Q, TPS75333Q WITH RESET FAST-TRANSIENT-RESPONSE 1.5-A LOW-DROPOUT VOLTAGE REGULATORS 1.5-A Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Available 2.5-V, 3.3-V, Fixed Output and Adjustable Versions Open Drain Power-Good (PG) Status Output (TPS751xxQ) Open Drain Power-On Reset With 100-ms Delay (TPS753xxQ) Dropout Voltage.

TPS75725 : . TPS75725, TPS75733 WITH POWER GOOD AND TPS75701 FAST-TRANSIENT RESPONSE 3-A LOW-DROPOUT VOLTAGE REGULATORS Fixed-Output and Adjustable Versions Open Drain Power-Good (PG) Status Output (Fixed Options Only) Dropout Voltage Typically A (TPS75733) Low 125 A Typical Quiescent Current Fast Transient Response 3% Tolerance Over Specified Conditions for Fixed-Output.

UC2842AQD : Current Mode. ti UC2842AQ, Automotive Catalog Current-mode PWM Controller.

UC382 : 2 - Fast Transient Response 3 Ampere Low Dropout (LDO) Regulator. Fast Transient Response to 3-A Load Current Short Circuit Protection Maximum Dropout at 3-A Load Current Separate Bias and VIN Pins Available in Adjustable or Fixed-Output Voltages 5-Pin Package Allows Kelvin Sensing of Load Voltage Reverse Current Protection The is a low-dropout-linear regulator providing a quick response to fast load changes. Combined.

W15 : 15 Watt High Density 1" X 1.6" Converters With Industry-standard Pinout.

LT3014 : 20mA, 3V to 80V Low Dropout Micropower Linear Regulator The LT3014 is a high voltage, micropower low dropout linear regulator. The device is capable of supplying 20mA of output current with a dropout voltage of 350mV. Designed for use in battery-powered or high voltage systems, the low quiescent current (7A operating and 1A in shutdown) makes the LT3014.

MAX1792 : 500mA, Low-Dropout Linear Regulator In MAX The MAX1792 low-dropout linear regulator operates from a +2.5V to +5.5V supply and delivers a guaranteed 500mA load current with low 130mV dropout. The high-accuracy (1%) output voltage is preset at an internally trimmed voltage (see Selector Guide) or can be adjusted from 1.25V to 5.0V with an external resistive.

NCS6 : Wide Input Voltage Range And Industry Standard Footprint Simplify Design-in Of 6W Single Output DC/DC Converters Wide input voltage range and industry standard footprint simplify design-in of 6W single output DC/DC Converters.

TPS72733 : 250mA, Ultralow IQ, Fast Transient Response, RF Low-Dropout Linear Regulator Customer Reviews BETAOverall Rating Add Your Review And Give Us Feedback No Reviews Yet. Add Your Review And Give Us Feedback The TPS727xx family of low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators are ultralow quiescent current LDOs with excellent line and ultra-fast load transient performance.

DRV8301 : 3-Phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver With Dual Current Sense Amps And Buck Converter (PWM Ctrl W/ SPI) The DRV8301 is a gate driver IC for three phase motor drive applications. It provides three half bridge drivers, each capable of driving two N-type MOSFETs, one for the high-side and one for the low side. It supports up to 2.3A sink and 1.7A source peak.

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