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Description24V Input Mini Family Dc-dc Converter Module
CompanyVicor Corporation
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Features, Applications

RoHS Compliant (with or G pin option) DC input range: 36 V Operation at 75% power

after startup Input surge withstand: 50 V for ms DC output: 48 V Programmable output: to 110% Regulation: 0.5% no load to full load Efficiency: to 89% Maximum operating temp: 100C, full load Power density: 80 W per cubic inch Height above board: 0.43 in. (10,9 mm) Parallelable, with N+M fault tolerance Low noise ZCS/ZVS architecture Isolated output

Parameter +In to In voltage PC to In voltage PR to In voltage SC to -Out voltage -Sense to -Out voltage Isolation voltage in to out in to base out to base Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Pin soldering temperature Mounting torque Rating -65 to Unit Vdc Vrms C F (C) F (C) in-lbs (N-m) Test voltage Test voltage Test voltage M-Grade < 5 sec; wave solder < 7 sec; hand solder 6 each Notes

These DC-DC converter modules use advanced power processing, control and packaging technologies to provide the performance, flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness of a mature power component. High frequency ZCS/ZVS switching provides high power density with low noise and high efficiency.

Industrial and process control, distributed power, medical, ATE, communications, defense, aerospace

Pin Style Blank: Short Tin/Lead L: Long Tin/Lead S: Short ModuMate N: Long ModuMate F: Short RoHS G: Long RoHS

For a description of pin options, see page 11. Baseplate options include slotted flanges, threaded and through-hole. See page 12 for dimensions. For other package sizes and power levels, see the Micro (quarter size) and Maxi (full size) datasheets.

Electrical characteristics apply over the full operating range of input voltage, output load (resistive) and baseplate temperature, unless otherwise specified. All temperatures refer to the operating temperature at the center of the baseplate.

Parameter Operating input voltage Input surge withstand Undervoltage turn-on Undervoltage turn-off Overvoltage turn-off/on Disabled input current Min 18 Typ 24 Max 50 17.9 Unit Vdc mA PC pin low Modules will operate to 16 Vin after startup >17.9 V. Below 18 V, available power is reduced 75% of max rating. <100 m Notes

Parameter Output voltage setpoint Line regulation Temperature regulation Power sharing accuracy Programming range Min Typ Max Unit Vout nom. % %/C % Notes Nominal input; full load; 25C Low line to high line; full load Over operating temperature range 100% of full load Of nominal output voltage. For trimming below 90% of nominal, a minimum load 10% of maximum rated power may be required. Externally applied Externally applied Externally applied Externally applied Externally applied Externally applied Externally applied Externally applied Externally applied

+Out to Out, +Sense to Out Absolute Maximum Ratings to 62.9

Note: For important information relative to applications where the converter modules are subject to continuous dynamic loading, contact Vicor applications engineering at 800-927-9474.

Parameter Baseplate to sink; flat, greased surface Baseplate to sink; thermal pad (P/N 20264) Baseplate to ambient Baseplate to ambient; 1000 LFM Thermal capacity Min Typ Max Unit C/Watt Watt-sec/C

PRIMARY SIDE (PC = Primary Control; PR = Parallel) PC bias voltage current limit PC module disable PC module enable delay PC module alarm PC resistance PR emitter amplitude PR emitter current PR receiver impedance PR receiver threshold PR drive capability SECONDARY SIDE (SC = Secondary Control) SC bandgap voltage SC resistance SC capacitance SC module alarm Vdc F Vdc With open trim; referenced to Sense. See Fig. 6 Referenced to Sense Vdc mA Vdc ms Vavg M Volts mA Volts modules 25C Minimum pulse width: 20 ns Without PR buffer amplifier UV, OV, OT, module fault. See Figs. 2 and 4 See Fig. 2 PR load pF PC current mA PC voltage 5.5 V Must be able to sink 4 mA. See Fig. 1

Parameter Remote sense (total drop) Isolation voltage (in to out) Isolation voltage (in to base) Isolation voltage (out to base) Isolation resistance (in to out) Weight Temperature limiting Agency approvals cURus, TV, 4.3 (121.6) Min Typ Max 0.5 Unit Vdc Vrms M ounces (grams) C See Figs. 2 and EN60950-1, IEC60950-1. With appropriate fuse in series with the +Input Notes 0.25 V per leg (senses must be closed) Complies with reinforced insulation requirements Complies with basic insulation requirements Complies with operational insulation requirements

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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