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Description128 Channel Multiplexer
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128 channel multiplexer, MCM Package: - 256 pin RAD-PAKŪ quad flat pack Total dose hardness: > 300 krads(Si) - Dependent upon orbit Excellent Single Event Effects: SEL: 110 MeV-cm2/mg SEU: 110 MeV-cm2/mg

Maxwell Technologies' 81840 high-performance 128-channel multiplexer features a typical 300 krad (Si) total dose tolerance. This datasheet defines the design, performance, and test requirements for a hermetic, telemetry multiplexer, multi-chip-module (MCM), utilizing chip and wire technology to be used in space systems. The 81840 is intended for use in the environments encountered by high reliability spacecraft applications. The patented radiation-hardened RAD-PAKŪ technology incorporates radiation shielding in the microcircuit package. Capable of surviving in-space environment, the 81840 is ideal for satellite, spacecraft, and space probe missions. It is available up to Class K screening.

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