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DescriptionThermal Cutout Temperature Protection for Coils/windings
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FEATURES broad product range for all types of application and load small size maximum switch load good heat transfer high temperature sensitivity minimal contact resistance many approvals

DESCRIPTION This thermostat operates as a thermal cutout. A thermally sensitive bimetal snap-element with double contacts (single contacts for type F 11) either opens or closes an electrical circuit by switching at a pre-set response temperature. Reset follows automatically after a considerable drop in temperature. Heat transfer occurs from all sides through convection, radiation or conduction in gaseous or solid media. The circular base plate conducts heat onto the bimetal snap-element, thus also allowing its use as a surface temperature cutout. APPLICATIONS Thermal protection and- under certain conditions - temperature control of electrical machinery and equipment. Examples Single phase motors Generators Convertors Transformers Pumps DIMENSIONS 11/B 12

Heating elements Signal transmitters Fire detectors Magnets Relays

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Type Voltage rating 60 Hz* Current rating at cos = 1,0* Current rating at cos = 0,6* max. load 48 h** at cos = 1.0 Normally closed N-C Contact arrangement Normally open N-O Switch operations at rated current* Contact resistance*** Response temperature range T 175 silver-plated steel hard epoxy T 175 silver-plated steel hard epoxy K T175 nickel-plated steel Duroplast T 175 nickel-plated steel Duroplast 10,0 A

Tolerance (minimum) Max. permanent temperature of switch mechanism* Housing material Protection Strength of shape without permanent deformation Vacuum tightness Rate of leak

sealed against ingress of dust, lacquer, oil, resin etc. 800 N/mm2 standard Ref. P102 0.1330.0133 bar 800 N/mm2 standard Ref. P102 0.1330.0133 bar cm3/s Standard 900 N/mm2 standard Ref. P102 0.1330.0133 bar 900 N/mm2 standard Ref. P102 0.1330.0133 bar cm3/s

Insulation resistance/ dielectric strength Execution according to U Overheat protector HS Short circuit proof Max. load V DC Min. load

Note: Approved ratings- other specific values on request. Cycling rate 72/h

CURRENT SENSITIVITY The thermostats are not current sensitive at rated currents. At loads above the rated values, upto maximum loading there is self-heating of the current-carrying contacts. If current sensitive cutouts are required, please refer to the data sheet ,,Thermal cutouts current sensitive thermal protection for coils/windings (Nr. 395). INSULATION RESISTANCE Housing (with insulation) to earth 302 On request, in special housing, upto P 304 Across open contacts, dependent on response temperature AC P304 Voltage of coil depending on application, please ask.

RESPONSE TEMPERATURES, TOLERANCE Temperature stepped 5 C intervals, and tolerance in K from to 160 C. Special switch-off and reset temperatures available on request. Rate of temperature rise from 0.1 K/min. to max. 1.0 K/min. Insulation of the housing will slow down the cutout's response. Standard reset temperature between 5 K and 50 K, depending on response temperature.

CONNECTIONS Flexible leads or solid wire in different lengths and cross-sections are available please ask. 2

QUALITY ASSURANCE Production item testing Voltage test, switch function Nominal switching temperature Random sample quality testing Life expectancy to VDE 0631/EN 60730 Function test to AQL 1.0 Nominal response temperature AQL 1.0 Measurement tolerance 2 C AQL 4.0 Other values AQL 4.0

Type Lead length standard 10020 mm Code L528 L540 Temperature Class (VDE) Cross section 0.24 mm2 Coating/ Insulation Textil/Lack Polyolefine PTFE Textil/Lack Polyolefine FEP PTFE Conductor tinned copper tinned copper silvered copper tinned copper tinned copper tinned copper silvered copper Colour black blue white yellow blue white

Lead stripping: standard a = ends stripped b = half insulated c = stripped and lead end tinned INSULATION Standard versions of the thermostats are un-insulated. If insulation is desired, the standard insulation (class) should be selected for the appropriate response temperature or max. operating temperature.

The temperature resistance of the connecting leads allows for the nominal response temperature of the cutout. The leads used are consistent with insulation class and dielectric strength stated.


Standard SHB transparent shrink material SSB radiation cross-linked heat-shrink sleeve black for normally closed SSH radiation cross-linked heat-shrink sleeve transparent Standard shrink sleeve PTFE UWF coating hard epoxy

Standard SHB transparent shrink material SSB radiation cross-linked heat-shrink sleeve black for normally closed red for normally open SSH radiation cross-linked heat-shrink sleeve transparent

shrink sleeve PTFE UWF coating hard epoxy


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