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DescriptionSilicon Epitaxial Planar TYPE
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Features, Applications

Very sharp reverse characteristic Low reverse current level Very high stability Low noise Available with tighter tolerances


Parameter Power dissipation Junction temperature Storage temperature range Symbol P Tj TStg Value 175 -65~175 Unit mW C Type Color Code

1. Zener Voltage is measured 40ms after electricity charging. 2. Data valid provided that leads are kept at ambient temperature at a distance of 8mm from case. VF=1V MAX (at IF=100mA) 3. Special Voltage accuracy will be provided upon request at different pricing.

Zener Voltage V z (V) Fig.1 Zener current Vs. Zener voltage
Printed circuit board 100X180X1.6t mm Quality: paper phenol
Ambient Temperature C) Fig.3 Power Dissipation Vs. Ambient Temperature
Zener Voltage Vz (V) Fig.2 Temperature Coefficient Vs. Zener voltage


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