Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DK61
DescriptionDiody Prostownicze
DatasheetDownload DK61 datasheet
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BTL32E1 Hc-49/us Microprocessor Crystals
TB1S35F Sinewave (VC) TCXO Oscillator
1N527 GOLD Bonded Diodes(low Forward Voltage, low Power Consumption)
DG-2630 Digital Audio Signal Generator
HE751R0400 D.i.l. Relay Features and Benefits
PG1014 2 AMP / Npn-pnp Pirgo Silicon Planar Power Transistors
C36UA-25.000M Military Standard HIGH Temperature Oscillators
PG1067 2 AMP / Npn-pnp Pirgo Silicon Planar Power Transistors
TB1S50F Sinewave (VC) TCXO Oscillator
S2237 Triangular TYPE
DHPH132SGA 050 PIN Headers
BD371A Medium Power Amplifiers and Switches
H4A32F5 Um-1, Um-4, UM-5 Microprocessor Crystal
TAG-1030 5.8 to 6.4 GHz GaAs MMIC VSAT (c-band) Power Amplifier
MSS21C05A DIP 14 Series REED Relays
BT42003 3 mm Character Height LCD Modules - Micro LINE
RS485 Vernetzung von bis zu 32 Einheiten per Rs485-bus
UZ15BS Low Reverse Leakage, Low Zener Impedance
TZP4134 Pigtailed PD for Analog Application
P110-6000 Intellimisttm Residential Atomizing Humidifier and Control
MAQ2909CB Radiation HARD Microprogram Sequencer
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