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DescriptionChassis Mounting Transformers
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Chassis mounting low voltage mains transformers with 230V ac primary winding. 2 secondary winding that can be connected in series or parallel. Double section bobbins on interleaved lamination provide 3.75kV isolation. Fixing by clamp on models to 50VA, and frame construction above. Tested to meet EN60065.


Rating - 10% Typical Regulation - 10% Typical Regulation - 12% Typical Regulation - 25% Typical Regulation Load Part Number MCF/R3505F MCF/R3506F N/A MCF/D2920F MCF/D2924F

Rating - 7% Typical Regulation - 10% Typical Regulation - 10% Typical Regulation - 10% Typical Regulation Load Part Number MCF/B19620F MCF/B19624F N/A MCF/Y9620F MCF/Y9624F N/A MCF/Y9650F


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