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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MX-12G
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Features, Applications

Large Capacity: 5A, 250VAC/30VDC High Dielectric: 3000VAC, 1 minute, coil/contact High Sensitivity: 100mW pull-in power with non-polarized structure Sealed Cover: Suitable for immersion cleaning

Contact Arrangement: 1 Form A (1a) Contact Material: AgCuNi Rated Load: 250VAC/30VDC 5A (Resistive Load) Contact Resistance: Max. 50mOhm (at 6VDC 1A, voltage drop method) Switching Current (max): 5A Carrying Current (max): 20 C within 10 minutes Dielectric Strength: 3,000VAC for 1 minute (Coil to Contact) 750VAC for 1 minute ( between open contacts) Insulation Resistance: @ 500VDC (min) Operate Time: 10ms, max. at rated voltage Release Time: 4ms, max. at rated voltage Shock Resistance: False Operation 10G min. (shock wave 11ms) Endurance 100G min. (shock wave 11ms) Vibration Resistance: False Operation to 55Hz (Double amplitude 1.5mm) Endurance to 55Hz (Double amplitude 1.5mm) Mechanical Life: 10x10 6 Ops. (Switching Freq. 300 ops/min) 6 Electrical Life: 0.1x10 Operations at rated load ( On: 1 sec/Off: 1 sec) o Ambient Temperature: +85o C Weight: 3 grams, approx.

Part Number MX-12(N) MX-24(N) Rated Voltage 12VDC 24VDC Coil Resistance Pull-in Voltage 8.4V 16.8V Drop-out Voltage 1.2V 2.4V Rated Power

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