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DescriptionPre-amplified/5v Excitation/gauge
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Features, Applications

. Two accuracy ranks, 1.5 FS and 2.5 FS available Volt level output On-chip amplification and temperature compensations Pre-calibration of offset voltage and span Non-corrosive liquid measurable (XFPMC, XFHMC only)

. Industrial instrumentation. Pressure switch, Pneumatic device. Medical device

Accuracy No mark H : Model XFPM XFHM Rated pressure (Pa) Available pressure media No mark : Non-corrosive gas only Pressure type C : Non-corrosive gas and liquid G : Gauge (Positive pressure) (Contact us about availability) GV : Gauge (Negative pressure) GW : Gauge (Bipolar pressure)

Pressure type XFPM Gauge pressure XFHM
1.5 FS (Contact us about availability) Terminal leads direction (See Outline Diagram) No mark R :

Recommended operating conditions Pressure type Gauge pressure Rated pressure Measurable pressure range Pressure media 1 XFPM, XFHM : Non-corrosive gas only, XFPMC, XFHMC : Non-corrosive gas and liquid Excitation voltage 5.0 0.25 Absolute maximum rating 1.5times of rated pressure Maximum load pressure Twice of rated pressure Maximum excitation voltage 8 Operating temperature 40 125 Storage temperature 40 125 Operating humidity 30 80 (No dew condensation) Electric performances/characteristics(Excitation voltage Vcc=5.0V constant, Ambient temperature Ta=25 ) Current consumption less than 10 Output impedance less than 10 Source current less than 0.2 Sink current less than 2 Mechanical response time 2 (For the reference) Full scale span voltage 4.5 Offset voltage 0.0675(H) Full scale span voltage 0.0675(H) Accuracy 2.5, 1.5(H)

Note ; 1) Please consult us available when you choose the C models and the H models. 2) Excluding input voltage error.


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