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DESCRIPTION The is a low-power narrow band FM IF demodulation system operable to less than 2 V supply voltage. The device includes Oscillator, Mixer, Limiting Amplifier, Quadrature Discriminator, Op. Amp. Squelch, Scan Control and Mute Switch. The TDA7361 is designed for use in NBFM dual conversion communication equipments using a 455 KHz ceramic filter like cordless telephones, walkie-talkies, scan receivers, etc. PIN CONNECTION

No 1-2 Name XTAL OSCILLATOR Function Connections for the Colpitts XTAL Oscillator. The XTAL may be replaced by an inductor (see Figure 5) if the application does not require high stability. The Mixer is double balanced to reduce spurious products. The output impedance 1.8kW to match the input impedance a 455kHz ceramic filter. Must be well decoupled with a 100nF ceramic capacitor. Input pin of the six stages amplifier with about 50 V limiting sensitivity and 1.8k input impedance. The if output is connected to the external quadrature coil (Pin 8) via an internal 10pF capacitor. Good quality 100nF ceramic capacitors and a suitable layou are important. A quadrature detector is uded to demodulate the 455kHz FM signal. The Q of the quad coil has direct effect on output level and distorsion (see Figure 6). For proper operation the voltage should be 100mVRMS. The audio output signal is buffered by an internal emitter follower. Because of the low DC bias, the swing on the operational amplifier output is limited to 500mVRMS. This can be increased by adding a resistor from the operational amplifier input to ground. The squelch trigger circuit with a low bias on the input (Pin 12) will force Pin 13 high ; and Pin 14 low. Pulling Pin 12 above mute threshold (0.65V) will force Pin to an impedance of about 60k to ground and Pin 14 will be an open circuit. An hysteresis of about 50mV at Pin 12 will effectively prevent jitter. Ground Connection Input of the Wide-band Mixer. Normally used as 10MHz/455kHz converter, it can be also used with input frequencies to 60MHz.


Symbol V8 V14 Toper Tstg Supply Voltage RF Input Voltage (Pin 16) Detector Input Voltage Mute Function Voltage Operating Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature Parameter Value 0 to Unit V VRMS VPP V

Symbol Rth j-amb Parameter Junction-ambient Thermal Resistance Max. DIP16 100 Unit

Symbol RI CI Supply Current Input Quieting Voltage Input Limiting Voltage Recovered Audio Output Detector Output Voltage Detector Output Impedance Dtectot Center Frequency Slope Operational Amplifier Gain Operational Amplifier Output Voltage Operational Amplifier Input Bias Current Trigger Hysteresis Mute Switching Impedance Scan Voltage Mixer Converter Gain Input Resistance Input Capacitance Low High Pin 12 High (2V) Pin 12 Low (0V) 3.0 Pin /V10 40 Parameter Supply Voltage Range Squelch OFF Squelch ON S/N - 3dB limiting = 10mV Test Conditions Min. 1.8 Typ. Max. 9 Unit mA V mVRMS VDC mV/kHz dB VDC mV M VDC k pF


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