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CompanyMitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
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Notice ; This is not a f inal specif ication. some parametric limits are subject to change.

The is a Processor f or Digital Amplif ier enable to conv erting extreme accurately v arious Linear PCM Digital Input Signal into Switching Pulse Signal, without Analog Stage. Built-in 24bit Sampling rate conv erter & Digital Gain Control. According to adding to Power Driv , it realizes Full Digital Amplif ier Sy stem on Extremely Accurate (Cry stal Oscillating Accuracy


Built-in with 24bit Sampling Rate Conv erter Input Signal Sampling Rate f rom to 192kHz(24bit Maximum) Correspond to 4 kinds of Digital Input Format Built-in L/R Independent Digital Gain Control Sof t Mute with Exponential Curv e Correspond to DSD Signal 1bit Fs=44.1kHz) Noise Shaper Output & Rate Conv erter Output Port Interf ace of Input Data, MCU Interf ace and Input Clock 3.3V/5V av ailable.


Master Clock Primary C lock : 256Fs/512Fs (Internal Machine Clock,256Fs) Secondary C lock: 1024Fs/512Fs Input Signal Format: MSB First Right Justif ied (16/20/24bit), MSB First Lef t Justif ied (24bit), LSB First Right Justif ied I 2S(24bit) Input Signal Sampling Rate f rom 192kHz(Continuous) 8Fs Input Mode :Correspond to External Digital Filter & Rate Conv erter Output SACD Input Gain Control Function : +30dB~-dB(0.1dB step until -96dB, -138dB Minimum) Third Order Noise Shaper (6bit/5bit 16Fs) Noise Shaper Output :Serial f ormat/LRch Independent/WCK(16Fs)/BCK(128Fs) Rate Conv erter Output : Correspond to Lef t MSB First/LRch Independent/32BCK

Stream Power Driver Noise Shaper Stream Converter Stream Power Driver Clock
Stream Processor M65817FP Correspond to various Linear PCM & Digital *a*

Left Justified MSB First (24bit) Right Justified MSB First (16/20/24bit) Right Justified LSB First (24bit) Fs=32kHz~192kHz LRCK Samplig BCK Rate DATA Converter DSD Signal 1bit FS=44.1kHz

Full Bridge Power Driver *g* 24bit Sampling Rate Converter

Correspond to any Sampling Rate Data from to 192kHz Realize Full Digital Amplifier System on Extremely Accuracy (Crystal Oscillating Accuracy)

~ LR Independent Control 0.1dB Step Control Soft Attenuate Function
Efficancy Output (Signal) Efficancy Output (Signal) Signal 0% 20% Thermal Lost Thermal Lost

Adopt the algorithm which had been used on Variable Digital Filter such as High class CD Player. High stability enables to Deviation Rate over 90%, to secure Wide Input Dynamic Range, and realize Wide Output Dynamic Range for Stream Data.

Power Driver Power Driver Power Driver Power Driver Power Driver Power Driver
Dolby Digital ProLogic DTS Surround Bass Management etc.

Adopt the Pulse Generator which had been used such as SACD Player. Complementary PLM Pulse Converter achieve Lower Distortion. Besides Original Construction of Output Buffer realizes extreamly accuracy on Time Domain.

Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic are the registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratory Licensing Corporation. DTS is the trademarks of registered trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc. S-Master is the technology developed by SONY Corporation


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