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TitleLinear Image Sensors
DescriptionPixels (HxV) = 8,002 X 3 ;; Pixel Size (H X VÁm) = 9 X 9
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Tri-Linear Color Array x 8002 pixels 9um2 pixels. 12 line spacing between color channels. Single shift register per channel. High offband spectral rejection Increased blue and green response Dark reference pixels provided. Antireflective glass. Wide dynamic range, low noise. Dual dynamic range mode operation. No image lag. Electronic exposure control. High charge transfer efficiency. Two-phase register clocking. Clocks are 74ACT logic compatible. 6MHz maximum data rate.

Dynamic Range > 14 bits Output Signal 5.5V Saturation Signal 400K electrons PRNU 4% Lag (first field) 0.03% Dark Current 0.003pA/pixel CTE per transfer 0.999995 No darkfield defects allowed No brightfield defects allowed

Symbol TG1 TG2 LOGn H1n H2n PHIR VIDn VDD VSSn OG RD SUB ID IG Description Transfer Gate 1 Transfer Gate 2 Clock Exposure Control for Channel (R,G,B) Phase 1 CCD Clock Phase 2 CCD Clock Reset Clock Blue Output Video (R,G,B) Amplifier Supply Ground Reference (R,G,B) Light Shield / Exposure Drain Output Gate Reset Drain Substrate / Ground Test Input - Input Diode Test Input - Input Gate 9/17/03 Pin

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LS LOGn Photodiode Array 14 Test TG2 6 Blank ID CCD Cells H1A 8002 Active Pixels 16 Dark RD

The is a high resolution, tri-linear array designed for high-resolution color scanning applications. Each device contains 3 rows of 8002 active photoelements, consisting of high performance 'pinned diodes' for improved sensitivity, lower noise and the elimination of lag. The pixel height and pitch is 9 micron and the center-to-center spacing between color channels is 108 microns, giving an effective twelve line delay between adjacent channels during imaging. Each row is selectively covered with a red, green or blue integral filter stripe for unparalleled spectral separation. Electronic exposure control is provided to achieve system color balance. Readout of the pixel data for each channel is accomplished through the use of a single CCD shift register allowing for a single output per channel with no multiplexing artifacts. Sixteen light shielded photoelements are supplied at the output end of each channel to act as a dark reference. Dual mode operation is provided to increase dynamic range over 14 bits uncooled with an output saturation voltage level of 5.6 volts. The devices are manufactured using NMOS, buried channel processing and utilize dual layer polysilicon and dual layer metal technologies. The die size 1.06 mm and is housed in a custom 40-pin, 0.600" wide, dual in line package with AR coated cover glass. The KLI-8023 device is pin compatible with the KLI-8013 (8K trilinear) and KLI-6003 (6K trilinear) CCD imagers that can ease transition for scanning designs. Other family of devices; KLI-10203 (10K pixel trilinear) and the preliminary KLI-14403 (14K trilinear) are designed for a similar ease in transitional designs. New designs using the KLI-8023 should use a "SUB" connection for pin 27. This is the preferred configuration. For those applications migrating from the KLI-8013, where designs normally designated pin 27 for the "LS" voltage bias; this configuration will NOT harm KLI-8023. As long as pin 8 is still biased correctly for VLS, either device will function in the older design. Pin 27 is not connected inside the package on the KLI8023. On the other hand, for the KLI-8013, pin 27 was a second connection to the "LS" (light shield). A monochrome version of the KLI-8023 is available. The color filters are absent from all the channels. A monochrome response curve is included later in this specification.

Specifications given under nominally specified operating conditions for the given mode of operation @ 25oC, fCLK =1 MHz, AR coverglass, color filters, and an active load as shown in Figure 4, unless otherwise specified. See notes on next page for further descriptions. `High Dynamic Range Mode' Operation VRD= 15V, PHIR(High) = 12V Symbol Parameter Min. Nom. Vsat Saturation Output Voltage 5.2 5.5 deltaVo/deltaNe Output Sensitivity --14 Ne,sat Saturation Signal Charge --400K R Responsivity 450 nm) --14 550 nm) --19 650 nm) --28 DR Dynamic Range --87 DSNU Dark Signal Non-Uniformity ADC DC Gain, amplifier 0.725 0.775 Idark Dark Current CTE Charge Transfer Efficiency - L Lag Vo,dc DC Output Offset 8 11 PRNU, Low Photoresponse Non-Uniformity, Low Frequency --4 PRNU, Med Photoresponse Non-Uniformity, Medium Frequency - 4 PRNU, High Photoresponse Non-Uniformity, High Frequency --4 Dark Def Darkfield Defect, brightpoint ----Bfld Def Brightfield Defect, dark or bright ----Exp Def Exposure Control Defects

Units Vp-p ÁV/eelectrons dB V --pA/pixel Volts % p-p % p-p % p-p Allowed
Note 4 Note 5 1st Field Note 9 Note 6 Note 7 Note 8 Note 12 Note 13 Notes 11,14,15,16

`Normal Mode' Operation VRD= 11V, PHIR(High) = 6.5V Symbol Parameter Vsat Saturation Output Voltage Ne,sat Saturation Signal Charge DR Dynamic Range Vo,dc DC Output Offset


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