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TitleLinear Image Sensors
DescriptionPixels (HxV) = 8,800 X 1 ;; Pixel Size (H X Vµm) = 7 X 7
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KLI-8811 8800 Element Linear CCD Image Sensor Performance Specification
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Features ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Description -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Imaging ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 User-Selectable Resolution ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Charge Transport and Sensing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Package Configurations --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Pin Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Maximum Ratings --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 DC Conditions----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 AC Clock Level Conditions 11 Clock Line Capacitance 11 AC Timing 12 Timing Diagram 13 Image Specifications---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Device Responsivity 15 Defect Classification---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Quality Assurance and Reliability 16 Ordering Information 16

FIGURES Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 Single Channel Schematic -----------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Functional Block Diagram -----------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Packaging Configuration ­ Cerdip Package ---------------------------------------------------------6 Packaging Configuration ­ Ceramic/Copper/Tungsten Package ---------------------------------7 ESD Protection Circuit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 Typical Output Bias/Buffer Circuit 10 Output Waveforms 12 Typical Responsivity---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15


User Selectable High Resolution: or 7300 active pixels High Sensitivity Wide Dynamic Range No Image Lag High Charge Transfer Efficiency to 1.4V peak-peak Output Two-Phase Register Clocking On-chip Dark Reference 30MHz per channel with Copper/Tungsten package configuration. (120Mhz data rate) is accomplished through the use of four CCD shift registers, positioned on each side of the photodiode array and divided into left and right halves that read towards the center of the device. The photodiodes are x 7µm and are located on 7µm centers. The array is structured as to provide 8 'blank' CCD cells followed by 2200 pixels of active image data for each output. 10 dark reference pixels follow the active pixels, then 4 test pixels, followed by 2 'blank' CCD cells for each output. The user has the option of reducing the resolution to 7300 active pixels by draining the remainder of the charge packets from the shift registers using the resolution select control gate. The devices are manufactured using NMOS, buried channel processing and utilize dual layer polysilicon and dual layer metal technologies. The die size 1.2 mm and is housed in dual-in-line packages in either 0.600" wide, 40-pin cerdip package (see Figure 3), or, 0.400 wide, cofired ceramic package with a coppertungsten heat sink (see Figure 4) configurations. The cover glass is Corning 7059 with multi-layer antireflective (MAR) coatings.


The is a linear imaging Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) designed for high resolution scanning applications. Each device contains a row of 8800 active photoelements, consisting of high performance pinned diodes for improved sensitivity, lower noise and the elimination of lag. Readout of the pixel data

TG 2 blank CCD cells 8 blank CCD cells RS Drain OG VID VRD PhiR VDD


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