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DescriptionLow Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
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The is a power amplifier designed for use in low voltage consumer applications. The gain is internally set 20 to keep external part count low, but the addition of an external resistor and capacitor between pins 1 and 8 will increase the gain to any value from to 200. The inputs are ground referenced while the output automatically biases to one-half the supply voltage. The quiescent power drain is only 24

milliwatts when operating from a 6 volt supply, making the LM386 ideal for battery operation.

Battery operation Minimu m ex tern al parts Wide supply voltage range: 4V12V Low quiescent current drain: 4mA Voltage gains from to 200 Available in 8 pin DIP package

APPLICATION AM-FM rad io amp lifiers Portable tape player amplifiers Intercoms TV sound systems Line drivers Ultrasonic drivers Small servo drivers Power converters


Characteristic Maximum Input Vo ltage Supply Vo ltage Maximum Power Disspation Soldering temp erature(10 sec.) Junction Temperature Operating Temperature Storage Temp erature Symbol VIN Vcc TS Tj Tamb Tstg Value Unit mV C

Operating Supply Voltage Quiescent Current Output Power Voltage Gain Bandwidth Total Harmonic Distortion Power Supply Rejection Ratio Input Resistance Input Bias Current

To make the mo re versatile amplifier, two pins (1and 8) are provided for gain control. With pins 1 and 8 open the 1.35 kW resistor sets the gain 20 (26 dB). If a capacitoris put from pin to 8, bypassing the 1.35 kW resistor, the gain will 200 (46 dB). If a resistor is placed in series with the capacitor, the gain can be set to any value from to 200. Gain control can also be done by capacitively coupling a resistor (or FET) from pin 1 to ground. Additional external components can be placed in parallel with the internal feedback resistors to tailor the gain and frequency response for individual applications. For example, we can compensate poor speaker bass response by frequency shaping the feedback path. This is done with a series RC from pin to 5 (paralleling the internal 15 kW resistor). For 6 dB effective bass boost: R. 15 kW, the lowest value for good stable operation kW if pin 8 is open. If pins 1 and 8 are bypassed then R as low 2 kW can be used. This restriction is because the amplifier is only compensated for closed-loop gains greater than 9.

INPUT BIASING The schematic shows that both inputs are biased to ground with 50 kW resistor. The base current of the input transistors is about 250 nA, so the inputs are at about 12.5 mV when left open. If the dc source resistance driving the D386 is higher than kW it will contribute very little additional offset (about mV at the input, mV at the output). If the dc source resistance is less than 10 kW, then shorting the unused input to ground will keep the offset low (about mV at the input, mV at the output). For dc source resistances between these values we can eliminate excess offset by putting a resistor from the unused input to ground, equal in value to the dc source resistance. Of course all offset problems are eliminated if the input is capacitively coupled. When using the D386 with higher gains (byp assing the 1.35 kW resistor between pins 1 and it is necessary to bypass the unused input, preventing degradation of gain and possible instabilities. This is done with 0.1 F capacitor or a short to ground depending on the dc source resistance on the driven input.


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